CANNABIS KNOW HOW- Can Cannabis cause an overdose ?!


What does „Overdose“mean?

An overdose is a poisoning. Simply put: « you had too much of a good thing ». In an overdose, you have too much of a certain substance and the psyche and / or the body react to it.

Can the use of Cannabis cause an overdose?

Yes. Too much Cannabis can lead to an overdose.

Can cannabis cause a fatal overdose?

No! Cannabis does not cause fatal overdoses.

To date, no case is known in which a person has died as a result of the sole effect of cannabis. In healthy people, no permanent health damage is to be expected.

How does a  overdose occur?

There are many reasons why cannabis overdose can occur.

Here are a few:

  • you do not feel well (mentally and/or physically) even before consumption.
  • the THC content is too high
  • you have consumed too much THC
  • the required dose for the intoxication was underestimated

Especially eating cannabis (e.g. Space cake) can lead to an overdose more quickly. Since the effects of cannabis are not felt immediately, there is a high probability of underestimating the consequences. Due to the delayed effect, one might tend to increase the dosage.

In addition to these points, the experience with cannabis plays a major role, including how much you are used to consuming (tolerance formation) and how you deal with the intoxication.

What exactly is a Cannabis overdose?

Cannabis overdose can lead to serious symptoms. Most people who have a cannabis overdose usually become very pale in the face and may experience the following symptoms, among others:

  • Thoughts do not stop turning, it becomes uncomfortable
  • Anxiety, paranoia, panic attacks, …
  • Nausea, up to vomiting
  • Perspire
  • Headache
  • enormous drowsiness (caution: in situations where a « clear head » and reflexes are neededslowed reactions!)
  • Tachycardia, circulatory problems, dizziness and drowsiness
  • Blood sugar levels and blood pressure drops (caution: fainting)
  • there may even be (« mild ») hallucinations
  • other unpleasant conditions

What to do in case of cannabis overdose?

When overdosing on THC-containing cannabis, remember: it was just too much of a good thing, you are extremely « high » and your psyche and body react to it. Note, the unpleasant condition is due to the momentary effect of the substance.

Even if you feel very bad at the moment, it will pass again. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose, so don’t panic. Keep telling yourself: everything will be fine.

Here are some more tips:

  • do not stay alone: get help, there is no reason to be ashamed
  • breathe fresh air (open windows or go for a walk, …)
  • Drink water (or non-alcoholic beverages): Water helps against dry mouth. In general: drink enough fluids during and after consumption
  • Drink or eat something sugary: Consuming cannabis lowers blood sugar levels. The consumption of sugary foods and / or drinks, should raise this blood sugar level again.

You can also try to feel better. By improving your mood, you can overcome the negative thoughts or the feelings of anxiety and panic attacks faster:

  • go to a quiet place where you feel safe and comfortable
  • talk to friends (if necessary, make phone calls)
  • when you leave a party, let your friends know about it
  • try to distract yourself (TV, music, …)
  • Laughter can also help
  • maybe it will also help you to read the information here again in peace

Otherwise, there’s not much you can do to counteract a cannabis overdose. In addition to these tips, only time helps, so wait until you feel better again and do not panic.

But if nothing helps and your condition continues to deteriorate: Call the emergency (Tel.: 112)!

Note: If the emergency call is dialed, it is sufficient to mention the symptoms on the phone. Once the helpers have arrived on site, however, they should be told that the person concerned has consumed cannabis.

Further note: Most of the time, the condition improves after a few hours, when the intoxication subsides. If not, the intoxication experience may have triggered a psychosis, you should then contact a specialist of health.

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