Cannabis – Counselling and further assistance in Luxembourg

All offers are free of charge.

CNAPA – Centre National de Prévention des Addictions

  • Cannabis Hotline


  • Referral to specialised services and centres
  • Knowledge transfer about cannabis, such as: mode of action, risks, mixed use, risk minimization, etc.

All questions about cannabis can be asked anonymously and are answered expertly.

Target groups:

  • General Population
  • Professionnals in educational services
  • Teenagers and young adults
  • Consumers, as well as their family and social environment

Tuesdays between 9am-1pm an 2pm-5pm
Tel.: (+352) 49 77 77 -55
 Or daily :

 or by WhatsApp (+352) 691 49 77 55

Impuls – aide aux jeunes consommateurs de drogues


  • Counselling and outpatient therapies
  • Individual and group offers for teenagers, young adults, parents and families
  • Program OPTION: Long-term inpatient therapy abroad

Target groups:

  • Adolescents and young adults between 13 and 21 years of age
  • Family and social environment of the consumer

Consultation by appointment only.

Counselling centres in Luxembourg City, Ettelbruck and Esch-sur-Alzette

Tel.: (+352) 48 93 48




  • Advice centre for the recreational drug use
  • Strategies for risk and harm reduction in personal substance use
  • Assistance with the desire for a change in consumption (control, reduction, abstinence) if necessary accompaniment and referral to therapeutic contact points
  • Drug checking

Target groups

  • Adults 18 years and beyond
  • Leisure users, as well as their family and social environment

Appointment  by phone or e-mail

Tel.: (+352) 26 540 524 – 69


Jugend- an Drogenhëllef


  • Information, counselling and therapy sessions for individuals, couples and families
  • Mediation of outpatient and inpatient detoxifications
  • Pre- and aftercare of inpatient therapies

Target groups:

  • People at risk of addiction or addicted to illegal substances, as well as their families, relatives and other affected persons

Counselling centres in Luxemburg-City, Ettelbruck, Esch/Alzette und Dudelange

Tel.: (+352) 49 10 40

Quai 57 – Suchtberodungsstell


  • Outpatient psychotherapeutic counselling
  • Orientation + care of persons in inpatient therapies
  • Support for reintegration measures

Target group:

  • Adults with addiction issues
  • Social environment: relatives, friends, partners

Regional consultations possible in Redange, Grevenmacher, Mersch, Diekirch, Marnach, Esch/Alzette

Mo. – Fr.  8am to 5pm
Tel: 26480490

Here is a selection of more Cannabis Know How cards:

For any further questions about Cannabis please feel free to contact our Cannabis Hotline:

  • By phone: (+352) 49 7777 55 every Tuesday between 9 m-1pm & 2pm-5pm
  • By E- Mail:
  • By WhatsApp: (+352) 691 497 755


Méi informéiert – manner riskéiert